Chapter 2: About Julia

Julia  Broomall has spent her life immersed in the magical world created by  the children that surround her – in roles ranging from mother of three  and grandmother of seven to substitute teacher and toy maker.  

Ms. Broomall’s family partners with a Taiwanese family business to produce and sell wooden toys globally.  With  three factories in China, other branches of the company source other  products, some of which include plush, clothing labels, kitchen  accessories, bedroom accessories and inflatable products.

Through  her diverse encounters and experiences, Ms. Broomall has witnessed  firsthand the need for a book that focuses on the “whole story” behind  each of the characters that impact our lives and that we are all  complete and special in our own way. 

In  creating “The Emperor’s New Throne,” she drew inspiration from her own  experience as both a mother and a grandmother to a grandson “labelled”  as a Down Syndrome child.

Julia is also a Reiki/Master Teacher, a Quantum Touch® Practitioner, a Theta Therapy® practitioner, an Intuitive Anatomy practitioner, a Spirit Communicator and an Angel Card reader.  Ms.  Broomall has lived all over the country and currently resides on  Florida’s West Coast. “The Emperor’s New Throne” is her first picture  book.